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Asanda’s incredible ability and purpose, is to thread her story through fabric and to celebrate who she is through fashion. 


She grew up in Mdantsane, Eastern Cape developing her passion for sketching at the age of eleven. Asanda found comfort through her graphic, penciled lines, which were her way of escaping reality, while expressing her worldview, both the lived and perceived. 


During her high school years, she took fashion design as an extra subject and continued with it into university. She never had a “plan b”. Art was always the only option.


‘I’ve always known that my greatness is in creating fashion.’


Asanda Loliwe specialises in through-the-line fashion design, creating timeless pieces that are both beautiful, unique and memorable.


If you are looking for guidance with your fashion style, a perfect fit and an evolution to your wardrobe, why not get in touch with Asanda for your essential wear to high end fashion needs. 



Made with love and hand crafted in South Africa.

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'I found freedom &

liberation in fashion'

    - - -    ASANDA LOLIWE    - - - 

Uvuthelwe phakathi njenge vatala.

Africa has to be born inside of you to be an African.

    - - -    ASANDA LOLIWE    - - -